Gold DJ Package





Gold DJ Package

Perfect for the large events such as wedding receptions and corporate parties our third package is heavily upgraded in terms of lighting and effects from our other packages.

The amount of additional effects in this setup allows for it to be fully customised and adapted with every single one of our add-ons and is perfect for large venues that have a high ceiling and large open space for us to work with.

Massively enhanced from both our Bronze and Silver DJ Packages, the third package that we offer comes with a whole host of the following quality equipment;


  • DJ Decks and Laptop
  • A Large Full Range Sound System
  • A Large High-Quality Hanging Lighting System
  • Personalised Playlist

Why Choose Our Gold Package?

You’re planning a big event – perhaps even your big day – and you want to make sure your live music and lighting are the best they possibly can be. Well look no further than our full service third package, best suited for larger venues.

The supremely enhanced lighting setup compared with our other two packages allows for greater flexibility in the positioning of your effect lighting to ensure we can create an amazing atmosphere.

As with the Silver Package, the high-quality sound setup results in extremely potent sound quality at higher volumes and across larger distances.

What You Get!

Professional DJ

With excellent mixing abilities, a professional and proficient attitude, and a friendly and approachable personality. Our DJ’s can help with creating custom playlists, engaging with your guests and taking on the night requests in order to rock your party!

Responsibility To Our Valued Customer

Our DJ’s are vetted and checked before we send them to rock your party, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge of knowing who you’re letting in. Our DJs also are fully covered with Public Liability Insurance. Contact our team for documentation.

Large Professional Sound System

As with our Silver DJ Package this sound setup comes with two top of the range line array speakers that are linked with two subwoofers to guarantee a high quality sound that surrounds the entire venue and keeps that dance floor moving.

Our professional sound system is able to transmit soundwaves further and for longer, helping keep sound quality elevated even at large venues with a lot of space.

Goal Post Lighting Stand System

As aforementioned, lighting is really what makes this package so phenomenal! With our Gold DJ we bring in a full goal post lighting setup shown in the photo to the side.

The stand and setup allows full light show effects to really take hold of the dancefloor and create an atmosphere that your guests will remember forever.

These stands can hold a much larger amount of different lighting kit than our previous packages which is exactly why this package is so adaptable with our add-ons as pretty much any customisations can be made with the special effects.

Haze Machine Effects

Whilst Haze Machines come as standard with all of our packages, our Gold option is the one which truly benefits most from this. With all of the additional lighting that the goal post display can provide, our Haze Machine can help bring emphasis to the astounding synchronised effects.

Haze Machines are incredibly similar to traditional smoke/dry ice machines, however they give the ability for our professional DJ to control the volume and density of the fog that is produced to make for a much more enjoyable party experience.


Our Gold Package Fits Perfectly With The Following Add-ons

Freedom Sticks

Freedom Stick Lighting is exactly how it sounds. We can provide stunning LED effect lighting that has a stylish and modern look to really magnify the centerpieces of your venue. They’re called freedom sticks due to their wireless functionality meaning you’re free to place them in the areas you feel deserve the most attention.

For more information on Freedom Stick Lighting, contact our team here.

Price £30


What’s a party without confetti? Well, it’s certainly not as fun as a party with confetti – that’s for sure. This small confetti add-on comes with a funfetti cannon and 1kg of paper confetti in a colour of your choice. Our funfetti cannons are better than the rest, as they can be fired over and over again without losing power, so you don’t have to worry about picking one single moment to let them off.
Price £30
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Gold Package Specifications

Package SizeSpeak to our team
Set-Up Time1 Hour
Pack Down Time1 Hour
Table RequiredYes (minimum 1m x 60cm)
Power Required2x 13amp Plugs
Customised playlistYes
Public Liability InsuranceCovered (Documents available at request)
Employers  InsuranceCovered (Doucments available at request)

Setup and packdown times are averagely calculated on the basis of no add-ons added to the package and standard access to the venue.