DJ Package 3

Just like our package 2, our package 3 has 2x full-range line array speakers with subwoofers. What is really different about package 3 is the large style lighting rig that can be custom designed for your perfect for weddings. We have added a lot more lighting that really does make this package shine above all the others. This package also can work with every one of our Add-on packages, allowing them to be installed up high, giving that extra light that the effects need to spread out. This package is highly recommended for larger rooms with a ceiling height of at least 2.5m.

It includes DJ services with the following equipment included:

DJ Decks and Laptop
A Large Full Range Sound System
A Large Hanging Lighting System
Personalised Playlist

Advantages of Package 3

Large custom goal post truss stand to allow more versatility in lighting positions.

Premium sound system giving amazing sound quality at high volumes.

Disadvantages of Package 3

Large floor footprint.

Fixed speaker height.

Price from £270

Package 3 Features

Medium Sound System

Our package 3 includes 2x full-range line array speakers with subwoofers. The line array styled speakers helps the sound waves travel long distances, keeping up with the low-end frequencies making sure your sound doesn’t get lost, making this package perfect for inside or outside use. Please bear in mind when using speakers outside that the sound gets absorbed like a big sponge. We recommend using a larger sound system than you would need putting less stress on smaller systems.

Goal Post Lighting Stand

Package 3 introduces our 3m wide goalpost truss stand. Not only making this package look really beefy, but the truss stand really comes into play being able to hold large amounts of lighting and special effects found in our add-ons page. As seen in the video this package can really fill a room with laser-like beams.

Haze Machine Effects

All of our packages come included with a haze machine. A haze machine is very much like a smoke machine but gives us the advantages of being able to control the density of the smoke produced.

Why Do We Need Haze?

Haze helps illuminate beams produced by all lighting in the atmosphere, helping them to show up to the human eye, filling your venue with laser-like beams.

Professional DJ

All of our DJ packages include one of our amazing professional DJs ready to rock your party. All of Always Entertainments DJs have great mixing abilities, great song selection and are very friendly. Also offering the option to create a customised playlist of your favourite songs.

Our DJs also are fully covered with Public Liability Insurance. Contact our team for documentation.

Take your party package to the next level with our Add-ons

Package 3 Fits Perfectly With The Following Add-ons

Medium 1KG Confetti

Just like our small confetti but doubled, but having the goal post lighting system on package 3 allows us to hang the cannons above head height putting all the canons power into spreading the confetti around your venue. Included in this you get 2x Funfetti cannons and a massive 1KG of your choice of paper confetti. Unlike most party cannons that have a one shot use, our Funfettis can be fired over and over again never running out of power!

Take a look at our confetti range HERE. We can also offer a lot more add-ons to our packages.

Price £60

Medium Room Uplighting

Transform your venue with our room uplighting package. This package includes 8 of our full colour uplighters, these can be placed around your venue shining up walls flooding your venue in colour, helping to create the perfect atmosphere. The lights can be set to hundreds of different shades of colours matching any venue decor or set to sound to light mode.

Price £100

We can also offer a lot more add-ons to our packages please follow the link below for more information.

Please be aware that not all add-ons are compatible with this package. Please ask a team member for more information.

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Package 3 Specifications


Package Size Speak to our team
Set-Up Time 1 Hour
Pack Down Time 1 Hour
Table Required Yes (minimum 1m x 60cm)
Power Required 2x 13amp plugs
Customised playlist Yes
Public Liability Insurance Covered (available at request)
Employers  Insurance Covered (available at request)

Setup and packdown times are averagely calcualted on the bases of no addons added to the package.